Documenting memories in a scrapbook requires creativity and artistic expression. By preserving and arranging family history and memorable events, individuals ensure important moments are not forgotten. It’s a popular activity. Scrapbook enthusiasts meet in online forums and offline groups to discuss best practices. Americans take more than 80 billion photos annually and the scrapbook industry is worth a whopping $2.5 billion. Using robust contract management software, major brands and industry leaders supply eager hobbyists with supplies. Here are two clauses businesses may include in scrapbook supplier agreements.


With 25 million physical and digital scrapbook hobbyists, the market is busy. Suppliers provide everything from books to crafts for more than 3,000 stores specializing in scrapbooking in the U.S. Stores may order supplies, paper crafts, and stickers, giving consumers a wide variety of choices for creating visually appealing scrapbook projects. Order agreements include the type, amount, and price for supplies ordered. Buyer and seller confirm agreement with order parameters, such as the expected date of delivery and an arbitration in case either party defaults. These contracts ensure that the buyer receives the order promptly and the supplier is paid on time.


Materials ordered for scrapbook stores must arrive in pristine condition, allowing the scrapbook store to sell the new item to customers and make a profit. Damaged goods are sent back to the supplier, but returns cost stores and customers time. If specific products are not available to meet consumer demand. Suppliers make every effort to provide high-quality supplies to customers. The contract agreement details quality expectations and remedies for default.

Scrapbook enthusiasts are generally college-educated and possess nearly $2,000 worth of supplies. Nearly 1 in every 4 homes has a scrapbook hobbyist. As the market continues to grow, suppliers are managing deliveries with cutting-edge software to ensure prompt delivery of high-quality supplies.