Scrapbooking is a popular craft that peaked in the early 2000s. With technological advances that have seen many people turn to phone and cloud storage options, scrapbooking is still a cherished way of saving treasured memories.

When you embark on any scrapbook creation process, your goal is always to combine a set of visual elements within some defined space, mostly some canvas. Canvas edges define your scrapbook, and the nature of the boundary greatly influences how viewers interact with your photos.

Adding Frames to Your Scrapbook

Frames are primarily used to orient the viewers’ minds. With the BGA store offering tons of picture frames and other photo accessories, incorporating a premium frame will leave a lasting impression on your scrapbook.

Having a frame injects a host of aesthetic qualities into your scrapbook. Not only does a photo frame limit the viewer’s focus, but it is also a great way to add some repetitions of motif or color, enhancing the elements in your scrapbook.

Moreover, having a frame with some depth brings yet another surprising benefit to your scrapbook. A frame with considerable depth often creates a 3-D illusion. Lastly, having a good frame also lets you remove the photo from its immediate environment in both time and space.