Whether you prefer art journaling or scrapbooking shouldn’t be much of an issue. You are doing the right thing regardless of the side of the equation that you choose to be on. There is absolutely no specific way of creating art, especially book art, one of the most basic art forms.

The objective here is to keep memories however you decide to do it. Most people tend to think that one has to be good at it before getting started, but that’s not true. You won’t do that well when starting, but you will get the hang of it as you progress. This is true for both scrapbooking and art journaling.

Another similarity is that there are no rules in creating art journals and scrapbooks. The aim is not to create aesthetically appealing art pieces but rather, expressing one’s experiences, thoughts, feelings, and emotions on paper.

Scrapbooking and art journaling are a great and healthy way to vent negative feelings and emotions – feel free to put it all on paper. You can also art journal or scrapbook your happy moments. Whichever approach you decide to take, remember that there are no boundaries.

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