Suppose you actually have an eye for art. In that case, you will no doubt have either kept a scrapbook in the past or maybe you are wanting to create a lasting memory of life events such as your wedding or the birth of your children. Nowadays, gone are the old tatty notebooks that people used to stick photos in or cuttings from magazines, etc. You can now buy elegantly artistically designed albums in which to record your most treasured memories. You can even create your own specially crafted book with elegant symbols such as flowers, butterflies, and insects to personalize your scrapbook. If you like luxury, designer items, then you should check out the stylish range of espresso cups on view at the Royal Design website.

Why Consider Royal Design?

As one of the largest reliable online retailers of tableware, kitchenware, and dining ware, among other things, they offer a vast selection of products created by some of the best designers in Scandinavia and Europe. For example, their range of coffee cups and mugs features items crafted by:

  • Bloomingville
  • Broste Copenhagen
  • Design House Stockholm
  • Villeroy and Boch
  • Wedgewood

And many more top designers. Their espresso cups come in 15 different colors and six materials which are:

  • Porcelain
  • Silicone
  • Stoneware
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Wood

What better way to enjoy your daily coffee treat than by sipping from a well-designed and elegant coffee cup? The perfect accompaniment for sitting back and enjoying the treasured pictures and memories in your scrapbook with family or friends. You can purchase sets of four cups or just choose a unique design exclusively for yourself. The items come in various sizes from 8cl to 15cl, so no matter what your preference, Royal Design will have the perfect choice of coffee cup for your taste. Why not consider buying a set as a present for your nearest and dearest? After all, who wouldn’t want the best designer espresso cups around?


There is no better feeling than creating your own album or book, and it will be an exciting and fulfilling challenge, especially if you have an arty disposition. Not only a great way to showcase your creativity but to provide a fitting tribute to the past or future memorable events. However, if you don’t have artistic skills, you can purchase a ready-made one online. You also get the fun of choosing the designs that you enjoy the most. With a liking for the finer things in life, don’t settle for second-best, and check out the Royal Design site for some inspiration. Only the best will do for you.