The art of scrapbooking began in the 15th century to preserve domestic pursuits such as recipes, cards, verses, letters, and more. This practice started in England and has spread to other parts of the world over the centuries. In the olden days, scrapbooks were referred to as commonplace books. Today, scrapbooking is a popular form of art. It has gained great popularity among artists and crafters.

The purpose Served

Historically, scrapbooks were thematic in nature. One could use it to represent a special occasion or friendship. Other scrapbooks were general albums used to preserve all manner of things from poems, drawing to occasions. With the advent of printing technologies, more crafters enjoyed access to printing services, and they would decorate the scrapbooks with photographs, pictures, and postcards. These crafted books served two purposes – to reflect the artist’s ideas of aesthetics and document one’s interests or experiences.

The Historic Element

Most scrapbooks have an intrinsic historical value. This is because they are used to reflect individual experiences regarding great historical occurrences. Crafters could use a scrapbook to reflect life during the world wars or the early industrial age.

Modern Scrapbooks

Today, scrapbooking is a large-scale industry, especially in the United States. Commercialization of scrapbooks, stickers, tools, scrap paper, and other associated supplies began in the 1980s and peaked between 2005 and 2006. The industry has experienced some decline since then. However, scrapbooking supplies are available in most craft stores across the U.S and other countries as well.

Scrapbook Artists

These artists use an array of supplies and materials to design their scrapbooks. While three-ring binders are standard practice, the books can be of any size. Modern-day scrapbooking artisans choose themes reflecting life experiences such as travel, childhood milestones, weddings, and adventure.

Modern Scrapbooks contain photographs, texts, along with decorative elements such as ribbons, fabric, printed or colored paper, and a host of other items that the artist might choose.

Scrapbook artists rely on scissors, colored pencils, pens, cutters, stamps, rulers, and any other resource needed to achieve great scrapbook designs. The accessories are often attached to the pages using various means, including threading, gluing, and photo sleeving.

Scrapbook Collection

Once complete, the scrapbook becomes an original work of art that can be made part of the artist’s art collections or journal. While most people might think that scrapbooks can only be tangible objects, this is not entirely true. With advancements in technology, artists are embracing digital scrapbooks. Digital scrapbooks are created using computers, and they are printable at any moment. These scrapbooks are printed as bound books.

Scrapbooking as art continues to gain popularity among artists, crafters, and amateur artisans. Children are also being taught the art of creating scrapbooks as a record and reflection of their childhood.

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