With advanced printing, scanners, page layout programs, and desktop publishing, it has become relatively easier to design professional digital scrapbook payouts. The internet has also allowed scrapbook artists to publish their work. Scrapbooks in a completely digital format are referred to as computer scrapbooks or digital scrapbooks.

Advantages of Digital Scrapbooking

While most people prefer actual physical scrapbooks, digital scrapbooking has been gaining popularity in recent years. There are several advantages tied to digital scrapbooking, including reduced environmental impact, diversified materials, the ability to share finished works on the internet, cost-saving, and image editing software to experiment on various page elements.

Traditional scrapbook layouts could employ a background paper with torn edges. Physical pages can only be torn once, and the damage is irreversible. With digital papers, on the other hand, you can tear and redo your action as many times as you wish, allowing you to try out various designs without wasting your supplies.

Most web-based scrapbooks come with a wide variety of backgrounds and wallpapers to help enrich the visual experience. Each photo, embellishment, or paper exists on a separate layer in the final document, and they are repositionable.

Digital scrapbooking isn’t limited to display and storage. Digital scrapbookers can print their work and store them in scrapbook albums. Others print their work professionally in hard books and save them as keepsakes. With professional printing and binding, one can create digital scrapbooks with professional and personal layout capabilities.

While early digital scrapbookers would have to upload digital photos to an external site before using them, modern technology has introduced an all-in-one software for scrapbooking. Digital scrapers can also design books online. With cheap cloud storage services and pre-uploaded online albums, it has become easier to design digital scrapbooks online. Digital scrapers can also leverage web-based software, allowing users to upload their images and create scrapbook layouts using digital graphics.

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