Art journaling is the art of creating a visual diary or journal. Unlike the traditional journal, which would be filled with the words alone, an art journal allows you to give your thoughts, dreams, expectations, events, and other realities a physical form. Although an art journal will include memories, it is not limited to those alone. You can journal your observations, philosophies, and reflections too.

An art journal covers all aspects of the artist’s life, including the darkest of secrets and childlike attributes that most adults scorn. You can use your art journal whenever you are traveling or enjoying your peace at home.

Art Journaling Tips

  • Try a spiral-bound journal as this can be left flat open, making it easier for you to work on it or leave it open if something needs to dry up.
  • If you need heavy-duty paper, try looking for artist’s sketchbooks in craft stores near you. Alternatively, you can try custom-made journals.
  • Making a personal journal means you can add anything you want to your paper. There are a variety of journaling papers to reflect changing moods.
  • Use journals that have some pages with and others without ruled lines. You can always avoid the lines when you don’t feel the need for them.

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