The number one rule about art journals is that there are no rules. You can add anything to your art journal. This is a space where you are free to explore and express your feelings through text, marks, and images with no barriers or limitations that is why Art journaling is a healthy and expressive outlet for personal experiences.

It does not matter whether you are artistic or not. All that’s needed to create an art journal is an assembly of essential tools, materials, and your willingness to play around with the materials. Most people find art journaling therapeutic.

Your pages can go through multiple layers and stages. Spill out your feelings in paintbrush scribble or writing. Don’t pay much attention to how it looks. Let it all hang out without bothering about it. That’s the beauty of art journaling.

When feeling stressed, annoyed, or confused, feel free to layer over a page with finger paint, stamp pattern, gesso, or gel pen scribbles. You will appreciate that you are creating something imperfectly beautiful. It’s a great and healthy way to handle your negative feelings. Whenever you revisit your art journal, it will help you understand yourself better and show you how far you have progressed emotionally.

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